Pilkington (Australia) Ltd recently demonstrated its unique and innovative Pilkington Pyrostop fire resistant glass product to key fire and design industry members, undertaking a complex fire demonstration test at the Warrington Fire Research testing facility in Dandenong, Victoria.

With fire engineers, trade media, fire brigade personnel and building surveyors looking on, a piece of 5mm clear toughened glass, 1180mm x 1110mm, glazed in a steel framing system was exposed to a standard time / temperature fire test curve. In little over five minutes the glass shattered and failed catastrophically – highlighting the danger and lack of protection toughened glass provides in situations where protection from fire is required.

The second test involved a 9m2 Pilkington Pyrostop glass system, glazed in the same Forster fire resistant steel framing system as the 5mm toughened glass. After being exposed to temperatures exceeding 900 degrees, the glass retained its integrity and insulation properties for more than 75 minutes, even after being doused with water from a hose 30 minutes into the test, before the test was terminated.

Pilkington Australia’s Market Development Manager, Paul Cocker, states that Pilkington Pyrostop, “provides robust fire protection, as well as delivering unique benefits to building design and architecture. It is currently the only product available in the Australian market that provides certified integrity and insulation fire protection as well as offering the aesthetic appeal of high quality float glass.”

Pilkington Pyrostop provides both integrity and insulation fire resistant fire protection for FRL’s of up to -/120/120. It is suitable for a range of applications such as transparent fire walls, windows, fully and half glazed fire doors, screens, partitions and facades. Designed for interior and exterior use in a wide range of sizes, Pilkington Pyrostop is now available within short lead times and with trouble-free supply.