Pilkington has launched Pilkington Eclipse Advantage, the world’s first pyrolytic reflective low E glass, ideal to meet new energy codes requiring higher levels of solar control and thermal insulation for houses, multi-residential (Class 2, 3 and 4) and office buildings (Class 5).

Targeted where mid performance solar control and insulation are required, Eclipse Advantage is a low cost option for projects that require glazing alternatives better than standard glass and that have only previously been satisfied by very high performance IGUs and solar control laminates.

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage combines solar and thermal performance, subtle reflectivity and glare control. The base colour of the glass, whether Clear, Grey, Bronze, EverGreen or Arctic Blue, is retained with a significant boost to solar and thermal characteristics through the proprietary low E coating.

Previously this appearance and solar control could only be achieved by insulating glass units - now it is available in a single piece of glass. The coating also provides insulation, acting as an invisible barrier to long wave radiation so heat within the building (warm or cool) is retained.

Source: Building Products News.