Windows provide light and fresh air into a building, but it is also a main source of unwanted heat gain in summer or heat loss in the winter months.

According to the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) website, energy efficient windows will make your home more comfortable, dramatically reduce energy costs and help to create a brighter, cleaner, healthier environment.

Window framing and glazing is an important design consideration for large commercial and apartment building projects. The Australian Government's Living Greener website states that "good design can reduce the need for expensive heating and cooling without reducing comfort".

Selecting the right glass for your window is of the utmost importance to Viridian New World Glass .

Viridian believes that selecting the right glass allows designers to maximise light, while providing insulation against heat loss and shielding unwanted heat gain.

To determine the energy management performance data, Viridian developed a performance comparison chart which identify key performance attributes of its glass products.

Key considerations include:

  • daylight transmission
  • solar control
  • insulation
  • colour
  • reflectivity
  • safety security
  • noise attenuation
Through the use of the latest technology, Viridian has been able to develop glass products designed to greatly improve energy efficiency, comfort, security, aesthetics and reduce the need for cleaning.

Achieve energy efficiency with these Viridian glass solutions:
  • ComfortPlus Translucent™: Provides solar control, insulation and privacy in a single glass
  • ComfortPlus™: Achieve energy efficiency without compromising your views 
  • EnergyTech™: Ssuperior Low E glass 
  • EnviroShield Performance™: ITO Increasing solar control without sacrificing daylight transmission 
  • EnviroShield Performance™: XIR Incorporating a performance interlayer to further enhance solar control 
  • EnviroShield Reflective™: Sheer brilliance in solar reflectivity 
  • EVantage™: The world's first pyrolitic reflective Low E glass 
  • PerformaTech E™: High Performance IGU with Low E 
  • SmartGlass™: Affordable energy efficient glass with active insulation technology. 
  • Solar Control with Low E High: Daylight transmission outstanding solar and thermal control 
  • SolTech™: Superior Low E glass 
  • Sunergy™: Highly versatile with outstanding performance in warm and cold climates 
  • SuperBlue™, SuperGreen™, SuperGrey™: For colour, excellent solar performance and comfort, this advanced toned glass is a natural 
  • ThermoTech™: Achieve maximum energy savings, superior interior comfort 
Viridian supply a range of energy efficient glass solutions for residential and commercial applications. As a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, Viridian has implemented initiatives in order to meed its 'Target of Zero Waste' and exceed EPA standards.

All of Viridian's glass products can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.