Viridian New World Glass announces the release of the new 2015 Viridian Architectural Glass Selection Guide designed to provide industry professionals with an essential reference document for comprehensive glazing solutions.

The 2015 Viridian Architectural Glass Selection Guide offers architects, specifiers, builders and various industry professionals a detailed catalogue of Viridian’s glazing solutions, complete with information relating to glass types, sizes, properties, behaviours and configurations.

Incorporating several updates to the 2014 edition, the latest guide features new information on Viridian products, performance data and production capabilities as well as specification assistance tools and QR codes.

The 2015 guide highlights essential glazing considerations around glass selection in facades, interiors and glazing systems, not only simplifying the decision-making process but also helping influence more innovative building designs.

Emphasising the importance of glass in building design, Viridian’s General Marketing Manager Lachlan Austin explains that glass selection impacts the design, appearance, thermal performance, natural light levels and occupant comfort of a property. Access to the latest information is, therefore, vital for building professionals to make the best glazing choices and achieve excellent outcomes.

Key features in the 2015 Viridian Architectural Glass Selection Guide include product information and capability updates; specification assistance tools; performance data updates; and new innovations such as QR codes to allow for easy access to information.

The 2015 Viridian Architectural Glass Selection Guide can be downloaded from the Viridian website.