At Vintec Australia, it’s all about the wine. For over 20 years, the company has invested considerable effort in creating the best wine storage solutions for wine lovers, ensuring that you always enjoy your wine at its best.

Vintec knows first-hand how important your wine collection is to you. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a Vintec wine cabinet for your treasured collection.

Pillar 1: Stable Temperature

Vintec wine cabinets are specially designed to maintain a constant temperature to preserve your wines, keeping them at their best and allowing them to mature steadily.

  • Adaptive Variable Speed Compressor (VSC)*
  • Insulated side panels
  • Double/ triple-glazed doors
  • Dedicated CE cellaring mode at 12°C*

Pillar 2: Humidity above 50%

Vintec wine cabinets are specially designed with a self-regulating humidity feature and specially regulated air circulation to maintain high hygrometry levels (above 50%) to preserve corks and prevent your wine from oxidising while cellaring.

Pillar 3: UV-Proof Dark Storage Area

Vintec wine cabinets are specially designed to prevent UV light from affecting your wine. 

  • UV-resistant tinted and insulated glass doors
  • Dark interiors
  • Double/ triple-glazed doors
  • UV-free LED lighting

Pillar 4: Vibration-Proof Environment

Vintec wine cabinets are specially designed to keep all moving parts in suspension, absorbing and reducing to a minimum any vibrations, so that your wines are stored in a protected environment where they can mature steadily.

  • Low-vibration Variable Speed Compressor*
  • Vibration-absorbing sliding shelf rails
  • Vibration-absorbing oak wooden shelves

Pillar 5: Quality Airflow

Vintec wine cabinets are equipped with an efficient air circulation system to ensure a constant slow flow of filtered air throughout the cabinet to limit any odours from penetrating your wine or mould from growing and damaging labels and corks.

*Premium Range