Barwon Health North is a state-of-the-art medical hub built to serve Geelong’s growing northern suburbs with a walk-in urgent care centre, medical imaging facilities, child and family services, renal dialysis, pathology, and speciality clinics.

Opened in early 2020, the facility was conceived as a space in which a new model of care – one that emphasises community and personal autonomy, as well as patient security – could flourish. Designed by multidisciplinary Australian practice BLP as a welcoming, friendly and safe space, Barwon Health North focuses on maximising patient comfort and helping people feel at ease.

At the Hub’s entrance, visitors are met with a feature red brick entry canopy that directs them to check-in kiosks; there is a series of compartmentalised waiting areas with casually scattered armchairs, and the foyer is decked with warm timber surfaces.

Continuing the theme, double height glazing from the waiting area opens to the exterior public space, welcoming all with open arms, while bursts of colour maximise natural light and views to the streetscape.

Verosol Ambience twin roller blinds

To regulate the light entering the interior space and improve the comfort factor for both patients and staff, the architects sought out Verosol Australia for incorporating high quality window coverings into their design.

The architects chose Verosol Ambience twin roller blinds in both manual and motorised models. Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, this versatile system incorporates two separate roller blinds together within a single bracket, and is suitable for use at all times of the day or night.

For the Barwon Health North project, a blind made from a semi-transparent screen fabric (Verosol 231 Veroscreen G3) is positioned close to the glazing with a block out blind (Verosol 712 Trezzini) as the front layer.

A premium fade resistant and flame retardant fabric, which is constructed from a fine 2x1 weave and therefore delicate to the touch, Verosol 231 Veroscreen G3 controls glare and minimises heat gain without cutting the space off from the outside world.

Meanwhile, the Verosol 712 Trezzini fabric facing into the room with its stunning three-dimensional jacquard woven feel and appearance, delivers maximum room darkening and total privacy to patients and staff.

Importantly in a healthcare setting, both fabrics are durable, and easy to clean. Incorporated together in one system and mounted within a single bracket, they deliver just the right mix of aesthetic appeal and reliable operation.

Contributing to sustainability

Verosol Ambience twin roller blinds also help ensure that Barwon Health North meets its regulatory requirements in terms of energy efficiency.

As much as 30 per cent of heating energy is lost through windows and 76 per cent of sunlight that falls on standard double pane windows enters buildings to become heat. For this reason, all non-residential commercial buildings in Australia must adhere to energy efficiency requirements as set out in the National Construction Code (NCC 2019). In calculating thermal efficiency, these regulations include walling and windows (including window coverings) together as part of the total façade.

This means that effective window coverings have a significant role in improving thermal efficiency and ensuring commercial buildings meet their regulatory requirements.

This is exactly what Verosol Ambience twin roller blinds have achieved at Barwon Health North. They cut glare, minimise thermal heat gain, ensure privacy for patients and staff, and maintain views to the outside world. At the same time, the roller blinds reduce energy costs, minimise loss, and ensure the facility is ready to play its part in Australia’s sustainable, low carbon future.