Many Councils are turning off drinking bubblers in parks in the interest of public health and safety during this pandemic. Urban Fountains and Furniture extends their wholehearted support for this endeavour to protect the health and wellbeing of the general public.

However, daily exercise and dog walking are still actively encouraged, with people required to adhere to strict social distancing measures. It’s therefore important to keep the taps in drinking water fountains working so that park users can fill their water bottles and dog bowls for hydration.

All Urban fountains with optional tap and dog bowl and bottle refill are designed to isolate the water supply internally and stop the flow of water to the bubbler without affecting the flow to the tap or bottle refill. There is no need to switch off the water to the entire fountain unless it has been mandated by the Councils.

Urban offers water line plugs free of charge with simple instructions on making these temporary changes within the fountain.

Please contact Urban with your requirement or for any advice and support regarding drinking water fountains and furniture cleaning/maintenance during this time.