Bathroom exhaust fans are used to ensure adequate ventilation in a bathroom, toilet, laundry or similar, specially in rooms where there are no external openings like windows, or where people prefer to keep windows and doors closed, specially in winter.

A bathroom exhaust fan should be chosen so as to have enough capacity for the size of the room being ventilated but not so much capacity that the exhaust fan creates uncomfortable cold draughts and takes away the warm air in the room.

The location of the exhaust fan should also be chosen carefully to ensure ventilation of the whole room and specially those areas that most require it, for example, the shower cubicle. An exhaust fan located near a door and far away from the shower will mainly ventilate that end of the bathroom and not be very effective.

As well as functionality, a bathroom exhaust fan should complement the bathroom. Many exhaust fans can fit inside wall or ceilings, minimising its presence. As well, there is a large range exhaust fans in many shapes, colours and sizes to suit most styles.

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