Unisite , a leading Australian provider of high quality outdoor and street furniture, combines style, functionality and quality to offer excellent value in every product.

A very important factor influencing the selection of street and park furniture is the material used for construction. As an established supplier of outdoor furniture for over 20 years, Unisite recommends aluminium as the most suitable material for furniture designed to be used in outdoor spaces for reasons such as durability, easy installation, minimal maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

Thanks to its durable characteristics including resistance to rust, corrosion, weather elements and temperature conditions, aluminium will sustain in any streetscape, parkscape or landscape, making it well suited to the harsh Australian weather conditions. Aluminium is unaffected by direct sunlight, rain, snow, wild storms, or extreme heat and cold temperatures.

Unisite offers four signature ranges, Atessa, Citistyle, Metro and Urbanstyle in its collection of commercial park and street furniture, each with its own unique character, flair and finish to suit any landscape or streetscape. Councils across Australia can choose from the different styles to create a unique look, which will not only enhance any town or city but also encourage locals and visitors to make the most of the outdoor areas.

Aluminium is a great choice for all types of street furniture from park benches and bollards to rubbish bins. Unisite’s street furniture collections are available in a range of different finishes to suit and enhance any environment. Aluminium is also extremely easy to clean and maintain, which will save Australian councils money on staff wages. It is also one of the best options when considering graffiti removal. An aluminium park bench, for example, is considerably more vandal-proof than a wooden one.

Committed to providing eco-friendly solutions for all customers, both in manufacturing and post-use, Unisite uses aluminium for its entire range of street and park furniture as aluminium can be manufactured using sustainable practices, and, importantly, can be recycled after use. Councils should work with companies that focus on environmental responsibility, adopt green practices, and seek to reduce waste in their own operations.

Unisite provides all customers with a lifetime structural warranty, ensuring all products are covered against any faults in material or workmanship. Excellent after-sales care is also part of the package with Unisite focussed on creating real, ongoing, working relationships with all clients, based on understanding, communication and total dedication.