Choosing the right type and style of street furniture is an important aspect of encouraging people to step out and enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor furniture specialist Unisite advises buyers of street furniture to consider the material, style and finish when making their selection.

Material to suit the outdoors

It is important to remember that outdoor park and street furniture will always be exposed to the elements from the harsh summer sun to rain or snow. Furniture made of weak materials will not last long in any environment. While some materials such as wood may look stylish and beautiful in the form of a park bench or table, wood may not be as durable as aluminium or steel. Aluminium is the most popular material used in outdoor furniture thanks to its durability, rust resistance and lightweight characteristics.

The importance of style

Aesthetics is a major aspect of furniture design. Outdoor park and street furniture should not only be visually striking but also suit the specific landscape or area where they will be installed; they will need to complement the outdoors, either by adding a feature or blending with it. One could trial different sizes and styles of furniture in the proposed application environment before making the final decision.

Getting the right finish

After deciding the material and style, ensure the outdoor furniture also has the perfect finish to complete the look. Strong and durable furniture can be stylish and comfortable too. When choosing from the wide range of finishes, keep in mind the look of the furniture as well as its levels of practicality.

While plain aluminium can provide a sleek look, the furniture can be given a timber finish to get the beauty of wood without the hassle of maintaining it. TimberImage finish from Unisite is recommended for aluminium and steel furniture, which in addition to its aesthetics, also delivers functional benefits such as rust resistance, durability, environment-friendly formulation, resistance to rot and cracking, as well as termite and insect-proof properties.