Trimble Australia  announces the release of its GCS900 Grade Control System version 12.2 with optimised performance for dozers and deeper integration into the connected construction site.  

The new version includes Trimble GradeMax technology that significantly increases the overall grading performance of dozers and allows the operator to grade faster and more consistently with tighter accuracy.  

Now included as standard in every new GCS900 system, Trimble Connected Machine technology enhances productivity by wirelessly synchronising data between the office and the machine to reduce machine downtime and drive greater productivity in the construction industry. Connected Machine technology maximises machine uptime, improves productivity and enables asset management.  

Trimble Connected Machine technology  

According to Roz Buick, vice president and general manager for Trimble’s Civil Construction Division, the latest release demonstrates Trimble’s commitment to transforming the construction site and making connectivity standard on the machine.  

Key benefits include:  

  • Continued optimisation of grade control technology and innovative Connected Machine functionality help eliminate work stoppage for routine tasks
  • Single machine control platform device, the SNM940 Connected Site Gateway, provides machine communications and connectivity
  • Enables the update of design files, reporting of machine usage and monitoring of site progress
  • Real-time communication an integrated part of the workflow on modern construction sites
  • Brings the machine and the office together in real-time
  • Integrates grade control data communications, remote GNSS corrections and telematics to optimise asset productivity and reduce operational costs
  • Enables remote management of assets and projects from the office
  • Machine operators can stay up-to-date with the latest design files, work orders and training without leaving the machine
GradeMax Technology

GCS900 version 12.2 is integrated with Trimble GradeMax technology that optimises performance for dozers without adding additional sensors.  

Key benefits include:  

  • Real-time control of automatic blade control settings allows operators to adjust the machine’s response to varying material conditions and optimise performance for specific grading tasks
  • Doubles the update rate for GNSS data controlling blade movement
  • Faster data allows smoother, more consistent control and rapid recovery of the dozer blade
  • Enables operators to grade higher quality surfaces at faster speeds, on simple or complex designs, and in any material type