The Trimble Connect is a powerful cloud-based collaboration platform that empowers teams involved in the design, construction and operation of buildings.

Showcased recently at the Trimble Dimensions event, Trimble Connect leverages GTeam software from the recently acquired Gehry Technologies to streamline workflows and transform collaborative processes, allowing teams to access, analyse, manage and share project data from anywhere at any time.

Trimble Connect functions as a hub for Trimble Buildings’ portfolio of Design-Build-Operate (DBO) technologies, enabling seamless interoperability for designers, builders, and owners/occupiers, while also benefitting teams involved in site preparation and management.

According to Bryn Fosburgh, vice president responsible for Trimble's Construction Technology Divisions, Trimble Connect creates communities of collaboration across and within disciplines, integrating data from Trimble’s wide variety of applications and devices to reduce the barriers between teams and tasks.

Trimble Connect provides coordinated information for everyone across the DBO continuum, streamlining the process of combining Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D and 2D models via the web, improving coordination among dispersed offices and teams, and reducing costs for software and training. In addition, the platform’s storage and archiving of project documentation allows team leaders to keep track of their staff’s progress remotely. Trimble Connect also centralises all digital assets across a project portfolio, allowing project managers and building owners to audit and report on all past and present project data and activity.

Connecting Building Construction

Trimble also announced the first products in its Trimble Buildings portfolio that are now ‘Trimble Connected’ enabling users of these DBO solutions to collaborate via Trimble Connect. The Trimble Buildings portfolio includes SketchUp, Tekla Structures, Tekla BIMsight, Vico Office, Prolog, Trimble Field Link, MEPdesigner for SketchUp, and Manhattan Atrium EAM.

Reflecting Trimble's deep commitment to open standards and workflows, Trimble Connect supports the platform-neutral IFC file format for OpenBIM, a broad-based approach to the collaborative design, construction and operation of buildings based on open standards and workflows.

Connecting Heavy Civil Construction

Trimble Connect can also provide integration capabilities to manage the complexities of heavy civil construction projects. Business Center - HCE office software used to create 3D constructible models, and site and corridor takeoffs, is the first offering from Trimble’s Heavy Civil Construction Division that can share data with Trimble Connect. The Trimble Connected Business Center - HCE software now allows the transfer and retrieval of data to and from the construction contractor, the engineer and the general contractor.