Trimble Australia  announces the introduction of version 7.3 of the Trimble Quantm system for road and rail alignment planning. Version 7.3 introduces Trimble Quantm Enterprise, a locally hosted version of the proven Quantm system for alignment planning.
The Trimble Quantm system integrates engineering, environmental, social and economic factors into a simultaneous analysis of alternatives for rail and road planning. The system allows infrastructure planners to thoroughly examine all alternatives and select the most appropriate corridors for roads and railways.
Designed for government planning agencies and large, multi-disciplinary consultants who perform transportation planning in-house, the new Trimble Quantm Enterprise offers all the functionality of the Quantm system, operating on the users’ Intranet and server. With Quantm Enterprise, organisations have the flexibility to apply the Quantm system on multiple road or rail projects within their organisation ranging from short bypasses or spur lines to national transportation plans.
Key features and benefits of Version 7.3 Trimble Quantm Enterprise:

  • Integrated visualisation engine for improved design reviews and consultation
  • Automated property analysis identifies all affected land parcels and property owners for each alignment alternative
  • Free Quantm Viewer software allows users to easily share proposed alignments with project stakeholders
  • Improved collaboration and community review