Thermofilm Australia announces the release of the new Bliss lifestyle indoor and outdoor LED furniture and decorative lighting products. 

Designed for high versatility in application, the Bliss range is portable in design and can be easily recharged via an induction dock or plug-in adapter. Made from durable UV stabilised PE plastic and electrically rated for outdoor use, the Bliss range can be used anywhere around the home. Some models feature IP68 rating for water resistance.

Bliss LED furniture and decorative lighting products can be combined with a feature packed remote for full control over the lighting experience. The remote can be used to change the colour (up to 15 different colours), and control brightness and sequence including slow fade or strobe effects.

The Bliss range is recommended for illuminated furniture or as a feature for the outdoor entertaining area, in the garden or around the pool; and can also be used to create mood lighting for living rooms and kids’ bedrooms.

The ultra-low voltage LEDs offer more than eight hours of battery life once charged.