The Envirotouch from Thermofilm Australia is an innovative and affordable range of intelligent timer-based switches designed to deliver financial savings and reduce carbon emissions.

Envirotouch timer switches facilitate easy, point-of-use control of lighting and electrical devices to save energy and help achieve significant savings.

Thermofilm, an award-winning Australian manufacturer of innovative, stylish and energy-efficient products, is confident there’s no other product on the market that delivers these features at a price point of less than $80.

Detailed savings calculations including a 10-year Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis prove that the use of Envirotouch switches in a typical commercial lighting application (15m x 15m room with BCA lighting of 10W/m²) can achieve total savings of $1,957 (NPV $1,217) with 9108kg of GHG emissions abated and a payback period of only 0.44 of a year.

The new Envirotouch range of timer-based switches includes multiple preset, countdown timer options or cycles, with the switch automatically turning off the light or appliance after the desired time.

Envirotouch switches are ideal for the control of indoor and outdoor lighting, electric heaters, fans, heated towel rails, small appliances and mobile air conditioning units. The timer-based switches will deliver substantial savings in school classrooms, offices, hospitals, aged care facilities, universities, government buildings, retail shops, high-rises, halls and staff kitchens, and practically any area that can benefit from controlling lighting and electric devices.

According to Thermofilm national sales manager Mr Greg Trezise, existing solutions could only provide flexible timer-based control for hard-wired applications such as lighting systems, and were expensive centralised systems. However, all four Envirotouch models will produce savings through reduced energy usage without the need for expensive control systems.

Available at a fraction of the cost of existing options, the new Envirotouch timer switches can be retrofitted to existing switches and sockets or installed in new projects for the same cost as standard outlets. Envirotouch switches can also be used with plug-in appliances via a 3-pin socket for intelligent control. An imminent ‘turn-off’ indicator will dim the lights as a warning that turn-off will occur in three minutes.