Leading development company Frasers Property Australia used the Portfolio/ Precinct calculator from The Footprint Company to engage their operational staff on sustainability and drive real efficiency throughout the business.

While Frasers Property Australia had a well-developed approach to sustainability for development projects, they sought to engage their non-project staff on sustainability goals. Using TFC’s Portfolio/ Precinct Calculator, Frasers Property was able to calculate the corporate ecological footprint for their five offices.

Results from the assessment highlighted efficiency opportunities for all areas of operation and also enabled them to benchmark office footprints against one another.

Over 35 staff members nominated themselves as Sustainability Champions to identify, research and implement sustainable strategies, with the results monitored and reported over three years.

Frasers Property was able to achieve a 15% improvement in total footprint over these three years from the initial assessment of 1.6 planets to 1.4 planets. Consequently, they were also able to save 2% on their operating costs.

Image Source: Frasers Property