Tzannes Architects consulted with The Footprint Company on one of their design projects to meet specific objectives of the client.

Tzannes Architects take an integrated approach to environmentally responsible architecture, looking at the holistic performance of the full lifecycle of the project. The Footprint Company has previously worked with Tzannes to provide a measure of this performance.

Designed to house a number of notable art collections, the Dangrove Art Facility required precise temperature/ humidity control, high fire ratings and a sleek aesthetic. The client also sought a 100-year building life as well as a low environmental footprint.

Using their Multi-Use Calculator, The Footprint Company identified key areas of the art facility’s design, which could be optimised. New initiatives on the project reduced the capital carbon footprint by ~ 2,200 TCO2 and lowered operating carbon emissions by ~ 900 TCO2 each year.

The project would lead Tzannes to further consider the environmental effects of their designs.