Trellis security doors have been approved by the Sydney City Council as an alternative to roller shutters for use in the city-funded upgrade programme being implemented in the Redfern area.  

The Roll Up Redfern programme initiated by the City of Sydney involves providing funds to landlords in the Redfern area to encourage them to make improvements to commercial buildings, including removing graffiti prone roller shutters and replacing them with internal security doors and new shopfronts.  

According to the City of Sydney ‘Improvement Matching Grant Program’, the rationale to Council policy is that ‘roller shutters in commercial village centres create lifeless, unsightly and hostile environments. They disguise the product or service on offer, reduce ambient light on the street, potentially screen illegal activity, present a target for graffiti and contribute to general perception that an area is unsafe with little to offer the local community or visitor’.  

Trellis security doors are being promoted by the Sydney City Council as one of the approved ‘security door devices’ to replace roller shutters.  

Trellis security doors are retractable steel expanding security doors and are also known as folding security doors and concertina security doors. Invisible during trading hours, these trellis doors provide a formidable barrier by night, whilst still providing maximum visibility of merchandise on display.  

Trellis security doors are available from The Australian Trellis Door Company .