The Australian Trellis Door Company’s  RS5 aluminium roller shutter security system is designed to allow retailers and businesses to cover large openings with one large shutter piece.  

The RS5 aluminium roller shutter security system can roll up into a box much smaller than other types of shutters but is still capable of spanning over large openings. 

The RS4 aluminium roller shutter comes in a normal or high density version. The normal version is capable of covering a maximum area of 10 metres squared while the high density version is capable of covering a maximum area of 11.5 metres squared.

Key benefits and features of the RS5 aluminium roller shutter security system includes: 

  • can be controlled manually or electronically 
  • has an internal locking mechanism to lock the shutter in position when down 
  • consists of a series of interlocking, aluminium slats that can be injected with normal or in the case of the high density version, high density polyurethane for added strength 
  • shutters are coated with fade and abrasive resistant enamel for strength 
  • shutters can come with a 600W, 700MM or 1000W UPS battery backup facility to enable operation of the shutter in the case of a power failure 
  • RS5 normal version has been bush fire safety rated by the CSIRO
  • every shutter comes with a 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship
  • an additional five year warranty applies to the rolling slats 
  • the weight per square metre for the normal version is approximately 3.76 kg, whereas the high density version weighs approximately 5.2kg
  • the RS5 is available in white, mushroom, red, brown, sahara, green, charcoal or almond colours