Rapid roll high speed doors, available from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC), are increasingly replacing traditional heavy insulated doors in cold storage environments, which are typically seen in food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and logistics facilities among others.

Cold storage facilities generally require heat to be kept out and cold air contained inside the room. Solid insulated doors are typically installed at these facilities to achieve this objective. These doors generally open to the side to allow access in and out of the storage room.

However, being heavy, these insulated doors are slow to move, allowing the cold air inside the storage facility to escape and making temperature control a challenge. Such facilities require larger energy loads to maintain the cold environment, which comes at a financial cost to the operator of the cold storage.

Rapid roll high speed doors are increasingly becoming popular in such environments. Being fast moving, these doors assist in maintaining temperature control by preventing cold air from escaping during operation. Temperature control is further aided by the considerable insulation and sealing characteristics of these rapid roll doors.

High speed doors are also integrated with many safety features such as motion sensors to avoid hitting obstacles in their path, thereby eliminating any risk to both people and forklifts.