Australia’s leading barrier security provider, The Australian Trellis Door Company introduces its new heritage range of trellis security doors suitable for providing security for heritage buildings.

Inspired by the age-old concept of doors on elevators and lifts, the new ATDC trellis security doors provide a modern version of the classic heritage design. Completely collapsible, these concertina security doors complement any heritage application including railway stations, government buildings, converted warehouses and studios, museums and other historical landmark buildings.

ATDC has supplied trellis security doors to Railcorp for railway station upgrades at many properties including Sydney’s St. James, Museum, Central, Wynyard and Town Hall Stations. The Queensland Railways has also been supplied with concertina security doors for many of their stations across metropolitan and regional QLD stretching from as far north as Townsville down to the Gold Coast.

The renowned heritage listed QVB Shopping Centre located in the heart of Sydney’s central business district is another client.

These retractable security doors also find application in securing shopfronts, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels and office buildings. A trackless range of barrier security solutions provides security for temporary tenancies, pop up shops, work safe areas and access control.

Key features of ATDC’s heritage range trellis security doors:

  • Available in all heritage powder coated finishes
  • Professionally crafted and engineered to each application
  • Will blend into any heritage environment
  • Fully ventilated design
  • Open security grille will retract out of the way when not in use to be almost invisible
  • Classic heritage design clearly evident when locked and closed
  • Secured with a 3 point security lock and a full surround frame