Terrazzo Australian Marble  manufactures marbles of various designs and colours. Using machinery these tiles are manufactured for small scale and large scale projects. The tiles are pressed, ground in the factory but the final polishing is done on site after the marble tiles are laid. Flexibility in designs of the marbles is also offered by Terrazzo Australian Marble.
Some of the products from Terrazzo Australian Marble include customized wall cappings, stair treads, cladding, and window sills. These products are offered in a variety of colours and patterns. Toilet partitions are also done by Terrazzo Australian Marble. The toilet partitions have flexibility in design and low maintenance which makes it ideal for use in public amenities.
External paving for outdoor applications is also available from Terrazzo Australian Marble and In situ Terrazzo category of marble tiles is ideal for use in shops, restaurants, office lobbies, prestige housing, and foyers. Various patterns and colours are available in this product category. Customized patterns for the marbles are also made.
Some of the projects of Terrazzo Australian Marble include Echo Point in Katoomba which has a bull nosed profile with skateboard plates incorporated in its design.