Tensile announces a new fully customisable safety solution based on its Webnet mesh for use indoors or outdoors as a fall prevention mechanism.

Webnet mesh is a versatile stainless steel tensile mesh typically installed on bridges, walkways and animal enclosures to create an exceptionally strong barrier that provides safety and prevents accidental falls. Configurable to any application, Webnet mesh is an aesthetic protection solution that maximises views, is easy to assemble and highly durable, and requires little to no maintenance.

Tensile has now improved on the successful Webnet mesh by introducing an additional benefit of customisability.

Incorporating all the advantages of Webnet stainless steel mesh, the new WebnetID allows the user to choose a preferred mesh colour, shape and pattern from a wide selection of options, while maintaining all the safety features of the tensile mesh.

The customisation flexibility of WebnetID allows users to customise their mesh with their corporate logo, colours and branding; choose desired graphics to feature over a building façade; or create an internal feature screen or even a ceiling.