Tensile designed, supplied and installed a large green facade for an apartment building located in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

Measuring 90 metres in width and 8 metres in height, the enormous green facade was installed around the podium of Advanx Apartments. Working in collaboration with green wall specialists Junglefy and industrial artist Korban Flaubert on the challenging structure, the Tensile team built a stainless steel mesh frame designed to hold a variety of plants. The structure had to be strong enough to support the greenery and also remain discreet in the background so as not to overwhelm the beauty of the plants.

Tensile’s green facade is now a stunning wall of living, green art that captures the tranquillity of nature and softens the harsh edges of the building.

According to Tensile, green facades are beautiful as they can transform a dull wall into a striking feature that is functional as well as attractive. A vertical garden helps maintain biodiversity by providing a habitat for insects, small reptiles and birds.

There are environmental and health benefits too. Green facades not only improve air quality inside and outside the building, but also enhance overall wellbeing by making people feel happier and less stressed. By insulating the building against heat, cold and noise, green facades create a more comfortable, peaceful and energy efficient environment.