When you are short on space but still need an effective key management control system, filing cabinet key storage is the answer for you. Apart from providing a safe and organised environment for your keys to minimise the risk of theft and loss, the Telkee filing cabinet key storage system fits neatly and easily into any existing standard size filing cabinet – resulting in less floor space being taken up by yet another bulky cabinet.

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Why keep keys in a filing cabinet?

Apart from the reasons listed above, depending on your industry you may need to keep a large number of keys organised, for instance, in the case of a vehicle rental company, car sales establishment or a real estate property management agency. Storing large bunches of keys in a desk drawer will not work when it comes to keeping your valuable property safe and also results in time wasted when trying to locate the right key in a hurry. Using Telkee’s filing cabinet solutions can really simplify things for you, allowing easy tracking of where each key is stored and who has access to them, which will help you reduce the risk of theft and the cost of replacements.

Key management solutions for business sizes and industries

The great part about Telkee filing cabinet key storage solutions is that they can be used conveniently by small, medium or large businesses across a variety of industries. Easily slotting into any existing standard sized filing cabinet, the hanging panels hold up to 25 hooks that are durable and allow easy hanging of keys. Each key storage solution is available in sizes of 50, 100 or 200 hook systems, so that you have control to choose the key management system that fits your unique needs. Telkee Key Cabinets believes in providing a complete key storage solution, so all key suspension panels are supplied complete with all tags and numbering required to ensure your office key management system is well organised.

Purchase your Telkee lockable key cabinet today and watch how you can effectively reduce losses and control your resources better, resulting in a boost in the overall efficiency and smooth sailing of your company.