The Taubmans stand at the designEX 2014 features colour combinations, created by award‐winning designers, Arent&Pyke, and curated to reflect uniquely Australian colour palettes and noticeably braver emerging colour choices.

During the first two days of designEX 2014, Australia’s architecture and design industry elite selected their favourite colour palette that reflects Australia’s growing confidence in the use of colour in interiors.

Visitors to the Taubmans stand at designEX were able to vote on a tablet for their choice of three colour palettes that represented Australian confidence with colour. The winning colour palette represented 53% of the votes cast.

The winning palette was designed by Arent&Pyke to create mood and celebrate the intensity of light and colour in the Australian landscape. The colours used are Taubmans Endure Abstract, Admiralty, Rawhide Laces, Florentine Pink and Indian Maize.

The next most popular palette is cool and muddy grey freshened with sophisticated accents of burnt lilacs and dusty blue. The colours used are Taubmans Endure Canyon Black, Charade, Quail Hollow, Thin Ice and Tina Ballerina.

The final palette possesses a neutral base and the power of contrast. Strong and bright pops of red and green sit boldly over a tonal monochromatic base while accents of black anchor the strong use of colour. The colours used are Taubmans Endure Secret Passage, Cotton Ball, Party Animal, Bell Pepper and All Black.

Trevor Lowder, Joint Head of Marketing at Taubmans says the Taubmans stand at designEX is attracting a lot of attention from visitors who have all come to talk colour. Taubmans features over 5,762 colours in its range, and the design show provides the right platform to gauge the industry’s viewpoint on what ‘Confidence With Colour’ means in Australia in 2014.

The Taubmans designEX stand created by Arent&Pyke contains over 1,000 A4 colourful hand-painted brushouts showcasing Taubmans’ extensive colour offering. The stand also acts as an immersive experience for the Taubmans Colour Galaxy, a state‐of‐the‐art online tool for colour specifiers to select and test colours under a variety of lighting conditions and create different colour palette options.