Swift Metal Services  introduces a new range of custom-designed height adjustable pipe supports.

One of Australia’s leading repetition manufacturers of metal components and pipeline accessories, Swift Metal Services has expanded its range of pipe supports with the new stainless steel multi-adjustable tube supports.

The height adjustable pipe supports are suitable for installation in areas where levels are difficult to ascertain. The pipework can be installed at a temporary height and the pipe supports adjusted to the correct level to ensure the pipeline has the required fall to gravity feed at a later date.

Swift Metal Services’ custom-designed product range is manufactured to suit the specific requirements of the customer. The company provides a complete steel manufacturing service including material procurement, cutting, stamping, pressing, forming, rolling, punching drilling and repetition fabrication for all types of metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

The height adjustable pipe saddles are available in sizes ranging from 50mm up to 500mm in diameter.

Key features of Swift height adjustable pipe supports:

  • Full coating service with galvanising and powder-coating finishes offered for non-stainless steel materials
  • Available with linings such as neoprene to prevent abrasive wear points where vibration of pipes and tubes may be an issue  
  • Ability to produce brackets in quantities from 20 to 1000s
  • Short lead times