In the dynamic world of professional spaces, the design and aesthetic of an office is no longer just about physical appearance. It is an embodiment of the brand's identity, a tool to improve productivity levels, and a key element in driving employee satisfaction. Recognising these evolving needs of the industry, SUPAWOOD has been hard at work, crafting solutions that metamorphose any office space into a thriving, inspiring, and efficient working environment.

The latest addition to our lineup of architectural lining solutions is the innovative and design-flexible waffle blade. Inspired by geometric shapes, this solution can be tailored to suit a designer's specific needs, ensuring that creativity is never compromised for functionality. 

Why choose geometric shaped ceilings? 

  • Design flexibility: Waffle blades ensure that there is no constraint on your creativity. The geometric designs can be customised according to any specific needs and preferences. 
  • Modern appeal: Geometric designs are a popular trend in modern architecture, making waffle blades a great choice for businesses wanting to stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Employee productivity: A well-designed, visually pleasing environment can boost employee morale and productivity. 
  • Adaptive systems: Ideal for large or complex office layouts, our waffle blades can be customised to fit your spatial needs perfectly. 
  • Acoustic solutions: Noise is a constant problem in busy work environments. This issue can be easily addressed by adding an acoustic lining to waffle blades letting you have full control over sound to create a tranquil workspace. 
  • Sustainable materials: Our commitment to sustainability goes throughout our product range. By using waffle blades or any other SUPAWOOD product you are minimising your environmental impact. 
  • Aesthetic designs: Make a powerful statement with our breathtakingly beautiful aesthetic designs that can elevate a workspace to new heights.  

Our new waffle blade product has also been designed with time saving installation in mind. The quick installation of waffle blades means that there is less disruption to the workplace and employees if works are being carried out on an occupied workspace. This product will help you achieve hassle-free installation. 

Waffle blades are just one solution that we have developed specifically for the office fitout and refurbishment market. However, at SUPAWOOD, we're always pushing boundaries and finding innovative ways to redefine workspaces. Stay tuned for more updates.