In the realm of design, every detail matters, and wall and ceiling linings present a unique opportunity to create a distinct atmosphere and convey brand identity. These surfaces serve as blank canvases, waiting to be transformed into beauty to leave a lasting impression.

By thoughtfully considering the use of wall and ceiling linings, designers can shape the ambiance, evoke emotions, and effectively communicate a brand's message. 

Over the years SUPAWOOD has collaborated with many designers to integrate distinctive atmosphere into the projects through the use of custom acoustic panelling, or SUPACOUSTIC as we refer to it. The customisation potential for this product range is endless, giving architects and designers the freedom to tell stories and create atmosphere whilst adhering to the acoustic requirements of a space. 

Sister Marie Centre, St Pius X High School, Newcastle NSW

Sister Marie Centre, St Pius X High School

The interior of this building has incredible warmth evoked by the timber finish throughout. The ceiling has been lined with grooved and perforated SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels, which form a tree motif over the entire surface. Lighting has been integrated into the patterned panels to emulate twinkling stars.

Greenslopes Private Hospital Clinical School Library, Greenslopes QLD

Greenslopes Private Hospital Clinical School Library

SUPAWOOD collaborated with the Phillips Smith Conwell design team to produce the intricate high-tech custom acoustic design for the perforated panels. Careful design of the fixing system was required to maintain maximum open area of the special acoustic design, especially over the vast ceiling of the 140-seat lecture theatre. 

St Francis Xavier College Gymnasium, North Albury NSW

St Francis Xavier College Gymnasium

St Francis Xavier College gymnasium/ multipurpose centre provided the school with a space where the whole school could gather, with the custom acoustic pattern integrating the ‘X’ lettering of the school logo.