Starting out with often complex designs and concepts from the architect or designer, our experienced CAD team begins work by drafting the technical drawings for the project.

The team continues to work with the client, and with the sales team to refine and tweak the design to ensure the customer is very clear on the product, process, and importantly, the exact design that will be produced. This relationship is carried through drafting to production, ensuring the complete solution is delivered to the client.

For the Castle Towers project, a concept from the designer was provided for an extensive ceiling lining system across levels. Provided with a very explicit and detailed idea, the drafting team was then able to break down the plan into a number of pieces and drawings.

By breaking down the drawings into smaller meaningful pieces, the drawings were simplified to a point that the customer and installer could see small sections at a time, including down to the detail of the panels and backing boards placement.

In regard to the quality and detail of the CAD drawings provided, individual sections of each drawing were considered carefully to accommodate services such as light voids. These details also included score marks on the back of the ceiling panels, and cut-outs on the backing boards to ensure that the installation phase was as smooth and as pain-free as possible.

With this quality of preparation and detail, installers don’t need to be measuring or cutting panels onsite; they can install with confidence that the product has been done right, the first time.

Once the drawings are finalised and approved by the client, these are converted directly to our state-of-the-art CNC machines for production, giving the customer peace of mind that they will receive the exact product they signed off on.

In collaboration with the factory, panels are consciously produced and packed in order so as to make sure they are unwrapped in the correct order – adding to the ease of installation.

With such a thorough and professional drafting process, our attention to detail and passion for customers extend to the quality of the drawings – meaning that, come production, things are done correctly, avoiding the need for remaking panels, and ultimately leading to an efficient, smooth and professional process for all involved. 

Image: SUPASLAT ceiling at Westmead Hospital