The client’s brief for the refurbishment of a hotel bar and restaurant in Perth required the designers, Alexander Planning Consultants, to create a colour changing back lit atmosphere similar to those the client had seen in Asia. Supawood’s aurora Kaleidoscopic Ceiling is ideally suited to achieve this unique effect.

The renovation of The Best Brew Bar and Kitchen at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel was an important part of the hotel’s multimillion dollar upgrade. The hotel is conveniently close to major entertainment venues and the restaurant interior has excellent street exposure so the new charisma was designed to entice passing patrons to enter.

Adding aurora Kaleidoscopic Features and programmable lighting to an interior creates an atmosphere which is distinctive and every changing. This is exactly what the client wanted so when seen from the street it would be a definite drawcard.

Installed by Action Interiors, the 3D aurora shapes in this interior mirror the curves of the low lounge style seating areas to form an illuminated canopy overhead.

When choosing this type of feature to include in their restaurant the client was concerned about fire retardancy but the material used for aurora is Fire Group 1 certified. This put the client’s concerns to rest.

This project illustrates the creative flexibility that aurora can offer to designers.

The every changing effect created by aurora has achieved an eye catching enticement from the street and once inside has set a memorable mood which has become a talking point.