This collection of technical fabrics effectively solves the problem of light and heat transmission where large glazed areas are involved. It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Ombra combines excellent light transmission with energy savings. The product is ideal for areas with strong sunlight where effective light transmission is necessary. Ombra’s aluminium coating effectively stops incoming light through a diffused reflection. The result is a pleasant light with no glare. According to software program Parasol, Ombra can lower air conditioning costs by up to 30%. This fabric also meets the human-ecological requirements for decoration material.

Ombra is recommended for roller blinds and panel glide blinds. The fabric width is 270cm.

Suntex offers many different types of textile sunscreens in the form of panels, screens and roller blinds – in a range of colours and designs that will always stylishly frame the interior to create comfort and atmosphere.