Problem: Sunscreen Window Tinting were approached by a customer who needed a solution for their multiple problems. The UV rays of the sun could damage furnishings, fabrics, carpets, and artwork so a film was required to preserve this. Secondly the safety and security of the customers family was an issue as the home glass window and door had to be difficult to break through. And lastly the family wanted increased comfort during the summer months so both heat and glare needed to be reduced.

As the glass in the families dining room was not safety glass, the customer wondered whether Sunscreen Window Tinting could provide a film that could be applied to the inside of the existing glass, without replacing, to bring it up to the Australian 2208 as a Grade A safety glassing material.

Solution: Sunscreen Window Tinting recommended using a 26 microlayered window film as the dining room was used so frequently. The 3M Scotchshield superior strength S35NEAR400, was therefore recommended. Blocking up to 56% of solar energy , 58% glare and 99% UV protection from the suns UV rays, the window films increased the level of safety and security of the glass windows and doors. Acting as a neutral shield this will make it extremely difficult for anybody to break through the glass.

Results: The 3M Scotchshield S35NEAR400 will increase safety and security, protect furnishings from the suns rays and reduce heat up to 56%. Reducing the effects of flying shards of glass is also a strength of the film.

  • Skin protection and life of furnishings extended due to less UV rays causing fading.
  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity enabling clear views.
  • 3M maunfacturer's warranty
  • Personal safety increased, flying glass.
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Heat and glare both reduced up to 56%