Sunscreen Window Tinting presents a new range of window films from 3M designed to reduce heat and glare while offering clear, unobstructed views day or night.

The new 3M Scotchtint Night Vision Series is a unique collection of films combining excellent heat rejection, reduced glare, enhanced clarity, low internal reflectivity, especially at night and UV protection with a warranty backed by one of the world’s most respected companies.

Recommended by Sunscreen for peace of mind, the 3M Night Vision range of window films delivers high performance, versatility and quality at an affordable price.

Typically, window films with maximum sun control and glare reduction capabilities are also the most internally reflective products, making them more difficult to see through, especially at night. Sunscreen 3M Scotchtint Night Vision film blocks solar heat by up to 71%, blocks 99% of damaging UV rays, and reduces glare by 83%; its interior reflectivity is also significantly lower than competing films, allowing for more natural light in the room and a better view to the outside.

Developed by 3M with a patented technology that maximises sun control capabilities while toning down the reflectivity to allow for clear, unobstructed views, Night Vision films also offer colour stability, significantly reducing fading and turning purple, normally seen in standard dyed films.

A standout feature of Night Vision film is its natural colour, which allows warm, natural light into a room, enhancing its ambience unlike some window films that cast bluish-grey tones. Homeowners, especially in warm, sunny climates, will prefer the many advantages of Night Vision film over other sun control options, such as heavy draperies or blinds. The 3M film’s ability to significantly block the amount of heat transmitted through windows makes homes more comfortable and reduces air conditioning costs at the same time. Suitable for the home and office, 3M Night Vision window film is an investment with assured payback through ongoing energy savings.

The new Night Vision line comes in a range of shades with varying degrees of sun control capabilities, and carries one of the most comprehensive warranties for both film and installation. Key benefits include clear views, day and night; protection for furnishings from damaging UV rays; reduced heat and glare; and choice of three shades – 3M Scotchtint Night Vision NV-15, 3M Scotchtint Night Vision NV-25, and 3M Scotchtint Night Vision NV-35, ranging from darkest to lightest.

Sunscreen recommends Night Vision NV-15 for westerly facing windows; Night Vision NV-25 for northerly facing windows; and Night Vision NV-35 for easterly facing windows.