One of Australia’s largest motoring groups had just moved premises to their brand new, purpose-designed and built showroom. Days after moving, however, they were instantly faced with a major problem that was overlooked in the design stage.  

The offices on the entire North-West side of the building (110 panes) were subject to strong and direct sunlight for most of the day, which created impossible working conditions for many of the staff. Computer screens were impossible to read due to excess glare, and the severe heat constantly streaming in through the windows caused extreme temperature buildup forcing the staff to vacate the offices for most of the day.    

Architects chose 3M Scotchtint solar control film as the solution, because it could be easily retrofitted, providing an easy and inexpensive alternative to new, pre-tinted glass.  

3M Scotchtint solar control film cuts glare by 82%, has a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.34 and has a very low external reflectivity (only 9% more than standard clear glass) for such a high heat reducing film.    

3M Scotchtint solar control film was fitted by the Sunscreen Window Tinting team to 110 panes (245m2) over two days, with minimum disruption. The results were instantaneous. Office staff could work effectively even on the hottest days, as the heat and glare was dramatically reduced. The air conditioning no longer struggled to maintain a comfortable temperature, because the film was blocking the heat before it even entered the room.