Sunscreen Window Tinting was recently approached by a home owner in Sydney’s lower North Shore to provide a solution for an increasing fade problem.

The problem of fading is often observed in residential and commercial buildings with extreme exposure to the sun. The newly purchased home had timber floors and large floor-to-ceiling glass in almost every room in the house, which let in natural light and offered great harbour views for the residents. However, the damaging effects of heat radiating through the glass, visible light transmission and ultraviolet rays all combined to produce the fade problem. It also had a cost impact since replacing the faded furnishings frequently was expensive, while keeping the high amount of heat out involved using the air conditioner more at high performance.

Sunscreen Window Tinting recommended the 3M Prestige PR70 window film, a ‘clear’ heat, glare and fade control solution that cannot be matched by metallic films. 

Sunscreen’s 3M Prestige PR70 solar control window film is a superior solution for reducing heat, glare and ultraviolet rays, preventing fading and lowering energy costs. The clear film allows the problematic areas to be covered without looking any different from areas that are not covered, helping to maintain a uniform appearance from the inside and outside of the building. Traditional window films can be dark dyed films, which can fade and turn purple, or highly reflective mirrored films that change the external appearance of the building giving a ‘patchwork’ effect.

3M Prestige PR70 uses the innovative multi-layer optical film technology to provide a window film product with a clear appearance and a host of advantages. Enhanced on angle performance, high IR reduction and superior clarity, along with no chance of corrosion or signal interference, 3M Prestige PR70 film gives low reflectivity with an optimised balance of performance and natural light. While essentially not changing the external appearance of the building, it reduces 97% of infrared heat, which accounts for 50% of all heat, 23% of glare and 99.98% of UV rays.

The 3M Prestige Series enables residential and commercial property owners to have a high performance clear window film that combines all the benefits of heavily-tinted or reflective films, without the inherent drawbacks of darkened rooms or mirrored windows. 

Sunscreen installed the 3M Prestige PR70 window film on 15 windows within one working day. The results were immediately noticeable. With the air conditioning running at a lower level, the savings in energy costs in summer would be genuinely substantial. The owners could now purchase their new furniture with peace of mind that it will be protected. They can still enjoy their improved views overlooking the harbour without pulling blinds. 

The use of 3M Prestige PR70 window film eliminates the need for heavy window coverings, while the excellent heat rejection provides energy savings, and reduces glare and eye discomfort. By significantly reducing UV rays, the largest cause of fading, the film extends the life of the furnishings. The low interior and exterior reflectivity allows clearer views. Key benefits also include increased personal safety from flying glass; superior scratch resistant coating; and unchanged glass appearance after application.

3M Prestige PR70 window film comes with a comprehensive 3M manufacturer’s warranty.