Sunscreen Window Tinting introduces the latest range of exterior window films from 3M that offer high visibility, heat rejection and 99.9% UV protection.

3M’s latest addition to its innovative sun control window film products, the 3M Prestige exterior window films are a new series of high performance sun control films comprising several hundred ultra-thin layers based on a unique nano technology to set new standards in visible light transmission and heat control.

3M Prestige exterior window films offer up to 90 per cent Visible Light Transmission (VLT), the highest on the market, to preserve interior and exterior views. A major advantage of the new product is that the installation will not make any visible change to the exterior appearance of the building. The film is externally applied to suit buildings with double or triple glazing, greatly reducing the risk of breakage from thermal stress.

Key features of 3M Prestige exterior window films also include the ability to block up to 77 per cent of solar energy, and first non-metallised exterior-applied film, eliminating corrosion or interference with wireless or cellular signals inside the building.

Ryan from Sunscreen Window Tinting & Graphics explains that the clear or lightly tinted exterior window films from the 3M Prestige line represent a major technological advancement in enhancing the performance and appearance of buildings with their ability to offer all the benefits of heavily tinted or reflective film without the inherent drawbacks of darkened rooms or shiny windows.

Being almost as clear as glass, the window film does not alter the external appearance of the building while inside, reflection from internal lighting on the treated glass is significantly reduced.

Tested in real conditions at several schools, public buildings, hotels and commercial offices in Sydney last summer, 3M Prestige exterior window films achieved significant reduction in the warming effect of the sun’s rays on the indoor environment, without impacting entry of natural light or changing the external appearance of the buildings.