Sunscreen Window Tinting provided an excellent 3M window film solution to resolve an unbearable heat, glare, UV and energy problem at a home in Sydney’s east.

The homeowner from Vaucluse in Sydney’s east approached Sunscreen with four major issues: he needed a window film that would reduce maximum radiant heat transferring through the skylight glass to improve comfort; he wanted the air conditioning to work more efficiently, and save on energy costs; the film would have to let enough natural light in, but reduce the amount of excessive light to minimise eyestrain; and the window film needed to prevent the entry of the damaging UV rays of the sun, protecting the residents as well as the brand new paint, furnishings, fabrics, carpets, and artwork.

Sunscreen Window Tinting supplied the 3M RE15SIARXL external solar control film that provided 79-83% solar energy rejection, 82% glare reduction and 99% UV protection. The skylight was over five metres from the floor, so an external application meant easier access to the glass with no interruption to the busy household during installation. 

Once the new film was applied, Sunscreen sealed the edges with silicone, and applied a roofing tape for extra protection and a longer lifespan.

The 3M RE15SIARXL external window film has substantially reduced heat up to 83% increasing comfort for family members, and also saving on energy costs. Eyestrain is also reduced thanks to the ability of the film to decrease substantial amounts of glare, while protecting the family’s personal health as well as furnishings from damaging UV rays. 

Key benefits of 3M external window films include reduced glare and eyestrain for inhabitants; external application for convenience; increased protection for staff and furnishings; more economical than blinds; and savings on energy costs.

Sunscreen’s 3M Prestige window films offer advantages such as increased comfort and energy savings; protection for the family’s health by blocking up to 99.98% of UV rays, and the 3M backing.