A timber floor adds an element of luxury to any living space. Often recognised for its sustainability and beauty, timber flooring – with its broad range of options – allows you to express your personality and style, regardless of the room size. Clever design techniques can also help you create the idea of more space, allowing you to make your small living spaces appear bigger.

Here are a few ideas you can use to give your room a more spacious feel with timber planks.

Wide Timber Planks

Large timber planks

Wider planks are recommended for small rooms to create an illusion of space. When you use a wider board, you will have fewer seams, making the floor appear less busy and the space more open. Style Timber’s Super Planks collection consists of extra wide oak planks, epitomising grandeur and elegance. These planks are produced from the largest and finest trunks sourced from sustainable forests. Every piece is one-of-a-kind with its own unique grain and knots.

Another way to create an illusion of more space is to lay wide boards parallel to the longest wall in your room.

Darker Woods

Milano Latte

The perception that only light colours will work in small spaces is not quite correct. While light colours may make the room appear less busy, a dark floor will not only give the room a luxurious appearance but can also make it feel bigger when balanced against light coloured walls. Dark coloured flooring will allow the cool tones to recede and the warm colours to stand out.

The Milano collection by Style Timber Floor offers a broad palette of colours from light to dark and warm to cool tones. Milano’s 15mm thick timber floor is a great alternative to the 20mm thickness range where there are finished floor height restrictions. Coated with WOCA hard wax oil, the collection also combines durability and low maintenance, making it the perfect option for any type of space.

Wood Panelled Walls

Recycled timber

Timber looks good on floors as well as on walls. Using timber as another textural element can add character to a room while making the space feel bigger. Timber is an excellent material to create a feature wall. Also, installing the timber panels across the wall could make your room look longer.

Style Timber offers a large range of timber species, grades and textures to suit your requirements. Take a look at the Reclaimed collection consisting of genuine recycled timber and reclaimed reproduction wood of mixed species such as European Oak, American Red Oak and Elm.