Hardwood timber is the traditional choice of material when creating staircases. While hardwood is a great material for creating beautiful staircases, there is a whole lot of design flexibility when you use engineered timber.

1. Colour consistency

Consistency of colour is an important element when using timber in interiors. When hardwood is used for staircases and engineered timber for the floor, there’s risk of a colour mismatch, resulting in less-than-desirable design outcomes. Even if the engineered timber is stained to match the colour closest to the hardwood used, it’s not possible to achieve the exact tone. Using engineered timber throughout – for the floor and the staircase – will help you achieve an exact match.

2. Colour choice

Engineered timber planks can be customised to any colour of your choice. At a recent project at Edmondson Park, Style Timber Floor customised two new colours for the architect to match their chosen colour scheme.

3. Open tread staircases

Today, just about anything that can be done with solid timber can be achieved with engineered timber. Engineered timber is the perfect material for open tread staircases. At this project in Erskineville, the brief sought open tread, frameless staircases using Style Timber’s engineered timber. These technically complex staircases were delivered with stunning design outcomes.

4. Precision craftsmanship

As engineered timber is made up of cross plywood, to achieve stairs such as those in the Erskineville project, it is necessary to use all mitre cuts to make each stair tread. This job requires very precise cutting and installation in order to achieve the finishes. Style Timber assures a high level of attention to detail and commitment to go above and beyond for every customer.

5. 100% Italian timber

To expand their options for staircases, Style Timber has recently partnered with 100% Italian made timber manufacturer, Cadorin to bring Australian designers and developers beautiful quality Italian timber. Cadorin has been expertly created by the same family for over 100 years and is environment-friendly too.