The rustic style in interior design embraces nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colours, unpretentious, organic warmth, and a rough and rugged look. Timber dominates the materials palette in any rustic style interior plan, thanks to its natural warmth and raw beauty that can add a unique charm to any space. While timber interiors traditionally would have appeared heavy, dark and even gloomy, designers have introduced a contemporary version of the rustic style that feels fresh, real, light and grounded. This style is visually softer while still maintaining its genuine, nature-inspired appeal.

How to achieve a contemporary rustic space using timber

Timber on walls

Timber wall

Timber-clad walls are a proven way to add a contemporary rustic appeal to your space. A feature wall, for instance, can be created using timber panels.

Timber boards are available in a wide range of timber species, expanding your options for a rustic-look timber wall. Check out the Milano and Mega collections by Style Timber Floor for inspiration.

The Mega collection includes classic 220mm wide boards offering both modern and antique finishes. Refined with brushing, hand-scraping, smoking and staining techniques, these panels create magnificent textural experiences.

The Milano collection, available as 190mm wide boards with a 4mm solid top layer, combines durability with a natural timber look, offering value to all oak lovers.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood

Style Timber’s Reclaimed Wood collection includes genuine recycled timber and reclaimed reproduction wood of mixed species such as European Oak, American Red Oak and Elm. The surface finish, which may include burn marks, nail holes, wormholes, saw marks and even cracks, creates a naturally aged appearance. No two panels look the same, which is what gives reclaimed wood its unique rustic appeal.

Reclaimed wood panels are prefinished with an oil coating and then engineered, introducing warmth and character into any residential or commercial space with the added assurance of durable service.

Dark flooring

Dark wood floor

A dark timber floor adds an amazing element of luxury to a space. The dark tonal effect can create a dramatic luxury appeal that draws visitors in and makes your room stand out. Style Timber’s timber flooring collections include a range of styles that come in a broad colour palette. The Mega, Milano, Chevron and Chalet collections contain dark tones within the colour ranges, including Ghost Oak, French Grey, Moschino and Mountain Grey.

A dark wood floor is the perfect material for introducing a rustic character to your interiors.