Timber is a highly popular choice when it comes to flooring products. Timber floors have a classic, timeless appeal that cannot be replicated by any other material.

When it comes to choosing the timber species, oak is much preferred by designers. Oak is available in both solid timber and engineered timber options.

Here are five reasons why you should choose engineered oak for your floors.


Engineered oak boards are highly adaptable compared to solid timber oak thanks to their broad range of options. From bespoke colour tones to top layer thickness, engineered oak planks allow designers to achieve their design goals across a wide variety of interior spaces.

From a performance perspective, engineered boards are superior to solid oak thanks to their construction. The multiple layers of an engineered timber plank deliver both strength and durability, reducing the potential for warping, buckling and moisture damage compared to solid timber. Engineered oak floors can withstand decades of wear making them perfect for any commercial or residential space.


Contrary to public perception, timber floors needn’t be expensive. You can achieve your timber design goals within your budget with engineered wood flooring, which provides a cost-effective solution compared to solid oak and even tiles or carpet.

Indistinguishable from solid oak in appearance and texture, engineered oak boards are not made entirely from real wood; with only a surface layer of solid wood of different thicknesses, engineered boards not only cut costs and turnaround times, but also help designers achieve stunning oak floors without breaking budgets.


Engineered oak for your floor makes for a sustainable choice. Unlike solid oak, engineered timber planks use oak wood only for the top layer veneer, which means only a small part of the tree goes into your floor. Underneath the veneer, the compressed core of engineered flooring is made from waste wood and pulp, making engineered oak an environment-friendly product.

Given the increasing focus on sustainability and making sustainable choices in building and construction, engineered oak will add to the green credentials of your project.

Design Choice

Designers love engineered wood flooring for their wide range of styles, finishes and widths that maximise design flexibility, allowing them to achieve the desired outcomes in the project.

For instance, engineered oak flooring is available in broad planks that can create an instant impact on the aesthetic by giving the space more texture and variety. Wider boards not only add to the ambience but can also give the illusion of more space in a room. Additionally, the endless variety of options will help you personalise the project from the floor up to create stunning interiors.


Engineered oak is a durable product, designed for long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance - it is intended to last longer than your lifespan in your home.

Being a dense hardwood, engineered oak assures impressive durability, making it the perfect choice for high-traffic commercial or residential areas. With the top hard coat ensuring you can achieve the desired texture, look and feel of solid timber, you should consider engineered timber flooring from Style Timber Floor in your next project.