Studco has introduced a new 150mm wide jamb profile to its HEDA Tough Wall system range.

The new HEDA Jamb 63 x 150mm has been added to the existing HEDA Jamb 90 x 92mm and HEDA Jamb 63 x 92mm standard widths, bringing the total to three HEDA jamb profiles.

The Studco HEDA Tough Wall system is a high performance jamb and lintel system that maximises wall frame design and reduces labour in medium and high-rise construction. The HEDA system offers a fast and easy way of creating openings in walls in both internal and external applications.

The HEDA Jamb 63 x 150mm is designed to suit a 150mm stud wall system.

Key features of the heavy duty Studco HEDA Jamb 63 x 150mm profile include choice of two steel gauges, 1.15BMT and 1.50BMT; effective way to construct extremely high walls with ability to withstand high wind pressure; and new profile providing enhanced rigidity.

The Studco HEDA Tough Wall system achieves time savings by eliminating the use of boxed studs at internal openings or doorways, boxed or back-to-back studs in wall designs, and complex lintel arrangements.

The Studco HEDA Tough Wall system also enables significant cost savings by allowing some structural sections to be replaced by HEDA jambs; requiring fewer noggins in HEDA jamb walls; and achieving huge spans not possible with conventional studs.

Key applications of Studco HEDA Tough Wall system:

  • External openings: Lintels, headers, sills and jambs in external openings for windows and doors
  • Internal openings: Replacing boxed studs in doorways and large openings with one HEDA section
  • Extreme walls: Suitable for extreme heights, extreme loads and extreme performance

HEDA Jamb 63 x 150mm profiles can be custom rolled to suit specific project requirements.