Resilmount sound isolation mounts from Studco Building Systems were installed at the Hong Bang International University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as a noise control measure.

Installed by Takco, one of the largest building companies in Vietnam, Resilmount’s M50R and M24R sound isolation mounts are designed to prevent noise and vibrations in sensitive areas. In the Hong Bang University application, the isolation mounts were utilised in the lecture theatres and music halls, achieving an STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) of 63 and IIC (Impact Isolation Class) of 61.

Performing well above Australian standards, Resilmount’s M50R suspended ceiling mounts stop sound transfer from the space above, enabling students to enjoy the benefits of an A class acoustic system. Though German sound isolation mounts were originally specified for the project, Studco Resilmounts were selected for their patented natural polymer design, with the isolation mounts not only meeting international quality standards but also setting the level for high performance in Australia.

The Studco Australia logistics team worked closely with Takco to ensure timely delivery of the product and compliance with Vietnam Customs requirements.