Stepping away from the conventional, Stormtech has introduced a new aluminium shower grate that challenges the traditional approach to bathroom drainage solutions with a new wave design.

An Australian first aluminium shower grate that is certified under Watermark WMTS:040:2021, the stylish new Wave Grate emulates the shape of a wave, is completely unique, and has been exclusively designed and manufactured in Australia by Stormtech.

Compared to traditional stainless steel drainage solutions, Wave Grate's anodised aluminium properties deliver a superior strength-to-weight ratio and malleability, making it easier to cut, shape and handle during projects when precision and a luxury finish are key. Additionally, the self-repairing oxide layer protects the metal and resists corrosion.

Available in modular kits, made-to-length, and fixed-length units, Wave Grate is suitable for indoor and outdoor settings and comes in 100mm widths, compatible with both stainless steel and uPVC channels. Wave Grate also comes with a matching square floor waste design and is available in Satin, Matte Black and Brass Gold finishes.

Finally, designers, architects and specifiers have a premium yet cost-effective, high-flow, linear aluminium solution for residential and commercial projects.