Architects, builders and specifiers are increasingly seeing a new generation of customers that are conscious of their ecological footprint. Focussed on eco design concepts, these clients demand sustainable buildings that have lower operating, maintenance and environmental costs, generate better long-term economic value, and offer superior levels of satisfaction and productivity.

Responding to this demand, Australia’s building industry has adopted rigorous standards set by the country’s peak eco-building bodies.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), the country’s foremost consultation and certification body for sustainable construction, provides critical benchmarks for ecologically responsible building in Australia. Their Green Star rating system offers the most reliable measure of operational performance for Australian buildings.

For instance, when compared to the average Australian construction (GBCA 2013, p.3), a Green Star certified building consumes 66% less electricity and 52% less potable water (the equivalent of 1,320 Olympic swimming pools), and generates 45% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Approved by the GBCA, The GreenTag certification positions a building product at the top end of the green market, ensuring consistent and high-quality design and manufacturing standards combined with sound ecological credentials.

As the only drainage manufacturer with Level A GreenTag certification, the most respected third-party certification body in Australia for eco-friendly products, Stormtech is the perfect eco choice for your next project.