A new white paper, commissioned by Australian linear drain experts Stormtech, looks into the function of and potential problems with tiling in interior and exterior conditions.

Tips to avoid a tiling disaster examines the purpose of tiles not only as an aesthetic consideration, but more importantly as only a single part of the larger, more complex system of drainage and waterproofing.

The dangers of inadequate waterproofing are well known to all those involved in the design and construction industries. However, because of the nature of leakage problems as being predominantly undetectable until the damage has already been done, retrospective fixes are often disruptive, time consuming and incredibly costly.

Furthermore, waterproofing is not the only issue to consider across the timeframe of a project.

The guide provides a clear set of aspects to address when planning or undertaking a tiling job. Building on an understanding of the separate components of a tiling job that require consideration, the guide goes into the potential problems associated with such work, from planning and specification to installation and use, and how to mitigate any issues before they occur.

The guide is free to download and comes with further information for architects and specifiers on how to best approach tiling and drainage jobs, from inception to installation.

To find out more about drainage systems and avoiding a waterproofing disaster, download Tips to avoid a tiling disaster here.