From the inventors of the revolutionary linear drainage system, Stormtech, comes a new invention that is set to change bathroom design all over again. The culmination of Stormtech’s wealth of industry experience and after extensive collaboration with designers, builders, tilers, regulators and waterproofing consultants, the 120SCS Shower Screen Support drain represents the latest innovation in bathroom drainage.

With the National Construction Code 2022 incorporating the new Liveable Housing Provisions for the first time, the need for drainage solutions that make bathrooms accessible and easier to use is greater than ever. Under the updated Code, new dwellings will be required to have at least one accessible shower.

Stormtech’s 120SCS Shower Screen Support drain will help you meet this new requirement while at the same time drastically simplifying bathroom design and installation. This all-new product, which includes a Shower Screen Support Channel for any Stormtech grating style, is a versatile linear drainage system that provides dual function as a drain for both sides of the shower screen, and a support for the shower screen itself.

Made from 316 Stainless Steel, the 120SCS is designed for flexibility, and ease of installation. Wall-to-wall installation allows a simple dual fall across the bathroom. As a result, a single floor waste can drain the entire bathroom, meaning designers are no longer required to detail the intricate geometries in which the bathroom floor will fall to a traditional centred floor waste. Additionally, as the simple dual fall sheds water more effectively, they are free to use larger format tiles to create the impression of space in smaller bathrooms.

With Stormtech’s groundbreaking 120SCS design, builders and tilers do not need to have complex falls or undertake intricate tile cutting as is required for most dual drain (shower and main bathroom) layouts. There is less tile wastage from having to re-cut tiles and breakage, plus a faster and simpler tiling process. Waterproofing is even easier too as the waterproofed substrate falls towards the location below where the Shower Screen Support Channel drain will be, and less water will find its way through grout joints due to effective watershedding.

Importantly, simple dual falls are helpful for people with access and mobility issues because the shower entrance is open. More specifically, when a shower chair or stool is used, the single plane of fall in the shower area ensures that the chair or stool will not rock. These factors enhance bathroom accessibility and accommodate the NDIS and Liveable Housing Provisions for future adaptive use.

Furthermore, as the drain is away from the entry door to the bathroom, any water thrown towards the door will run back to the drain. This reduces the risk of amenity loss if a water heater within the bathroom were to fail as the water spilled would drain normally instead of flooding the bathroom and then into other areas of the building.

Over recent years, Stormtech has improved the design of this solution, and, with bleeding-edge equipment and technology, the company has been able to leverage its unique capabilities to reduce the cost of manufacture and lead times significantly – a benefit they can pass on to their customers.

Available in all Stormtech designer grates and finishes, the 120SCS Shower Screen Support drain exceeds all Australian Standards, is WaterMark certified and is exclusive to Stormtech.