A new whitepaper from Stormtech explains the need for more eco-friendly drainage solutions to reduce the pollution entering Australia’s waterways.

The whitepaper ‘Getting on the Green: Elegant Drainage Design Meets Eco-Friendly Technology’ examines how Australia’s building industry has adapted rapidly to consumer demand, adopting rigorous standards set by the country’s peak eco-building bodies.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) provides critical benchmarks for ecologically responsible building in Australia with its renowned Green Star rating system offering the most reliable measure of operational performance for Australian buildings.

The white paper also briefly explores the principles and best practice of water-sensitive urban design (WSUD), which works with communities to ensure planning, design, construction and retrofitting of urbanised landscapes are more sensitive to the natural water cycle.

Stormwater runoff, for instance is a major contributor to the degradation of Australia’s catchments as it significantly alters the nutrient balance, and the presence of pollutants in the natural water table, with severe consequences for waterways that sustain crucial natural ecosystems.

Poor drainage can have serious consequences outside the home with the excess water saturating the soil, degrading landscaped areas, and attracting insects or rodents. Prolonged water exposure can even erode concrete and building foundations.

An effective WSUD solution, incorporating high-quality drainage, can greatly minimise the erosive effect of water flows around the property, mitigating common issues associated with excessive rainfall, soil erosion and flooding.

The white paper also covers Stormtech’s high quality, eco-friendly and elegant drainage systems for residential and commercial properties, especially the Level A GreenTag certification and WSUD design.

To download the white paper, please click here.