In Australia, the number of primary and secondary students is at an all-time high. The increasing demand for safe, healthy and sustainable educational facilities has put pressure on the design and construction industry. Poorly-designed schools are not only dangerous but can negatively impact student well-being and academic performance. Against this backdrop, designers and specifiers need to be fully informed as to the key design objectives and safety considerations relevant to this sector.

'Safety lessons: A specifier’s guide to creating safe & sustainable educational facilities' is a concise look at the design standards and considerations that apply to schools in Australia, with a particular focus on addressing child-specific safety risks and sustainability requirements. First, we summarise the key design principles relevant to the education sector and the mandatory requirements set out by Australian standards and regulations. We then explore several child-specific safety risks and suggest some possible design solutions. This is followed by a discussion on sustainability and the importance of balancing functionality, performance and aesthetics in an educational environment. Finally, we present a range of architectural drainage solutions that contribute to safer and more sustainable schools.

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